Research and forensic analysis of digital media

sector bancario

Our area of investigation focused on the forensic analysis of digital media has expert computer engineers who analyze digital environments to identify, preserve and analyze digital evidence which can be used later as documentary evidence in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings.

Nowadays, the information stored and transmitted electronically is used in our social, family work and corporate environment regularly and evidence reserved in digital storage media (emails, text documents, digital photographs, audio or video files, history records, etc.) are accepted by court in judicial proceedings, whether in labor, civil or criminal matters.

· Forensic analysis of computer hard drives or servers.
· Forensic analysis of mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops, memory cards, USB ...).
· Computer fraud (digital identity theft, analysis for email authentication ...).
· Internet tracking.
· Analysis of economic crime and online fraud such as phishing or SCAM.
· Recovery of deleted files.