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The current legislation on urban leasing, both residential and business premises, causes great conflict between landlords and tenants. When a party fails to comply the applicable law or the conditions agreed in the lease contract, commits an offense against the law on urban leasing. It is essential to have the necessary evidence in cases of breach of obligations before starting a contract resolution process.

· No use of the leased property as a residence.
· Property used for other purposes other than contractual.
· Annoying, insalubrious, damaging or dangerous activities.
· Cession of property without consent of the landlord.
· Partial or total sublease without the consent of the lessor.
· Death of the lessee without notification to the landlord.
· Improper subrogation for not meeting the requirements of the law.
· Reports on occupational status; true identity of the occupants of a rented property.
· Misleading damage. Execution of works without consent of the landlord.
· Tenure of guests in other ways than provided by law.
· Tenant credit reports.
· Friendly recovery of property.
· The lessee owns a property with no tenants in the town or nearby area with similar characteristics to those of the leased       property.