What we look for
We look for talented individuals with high professional motivation, willing to do teamwork. Also, in Grupo Invesman we are interested in integrating in our firm professionals who have a great capacity for learning, management of the pertinent resources and a high degree of responsibility and honesty. We are committed to people who show great enthusiasm for our profession and who wish to be trained and develop their knowledge acquired during their training with our team of qualified professionals.

What we offer
In Grupo Invesman we offer the opportunity to experience a unique profession and the possibility to be trained in all those areas involved in such an exciting job from the time of incorporation, without prejudice to our standards of excellence and strict compliance to our Code of Ethics focused on our clients. Also, we encourage the involvement of all our members in an exceptional cooperation and work environment.

In our firm, we consider essential to develop professional work without affecting the personal lives of all our professionals. Thus, we prop up the balance between work family life for all of our professionals, achieving optimal performance at a professional level which promotes people’s engagement with our company. We wish to keep growing with professionals who want to develop their careers as part of our highly skilled team of experts.

Selection process
In Grupo Invesman we consider of the utmost importance to incorporate to our firm qualified professionals, being aware that people who become part of our team is our most active and professional differentiating factor. We are also very rigorous throughout the selection process in order to ensure that the job developed in our business perfectly fits the profile of the successful candidate.

The selection process is divided into the following stages:

  • Receipt and analysis of the applicant’s Currículum vitae: we analyze each CV and transcript received. Then, we select those profiles that best fit the job vacancy and proceed to arrange a personal interview with each of the pre-selected candidates.
  • Suitability and evaluation: we have an interview with pre-selected candidates on the first stage in order to assess the technical skills and competences of each person, whether it is for a vacancy or new projects (communication skills, knowledge of other languages, decision-making capacity, time management, etc.).
  • Incorporation: we implement a plan of gradual acceptance and integration to facilitate a rapid adaptation of people who join our team of qualified professionals.

If you want to join our investigation team, feel free to send us your cover letter, attaching your CV to the following email address:

Don’t ask what the team can do for you, ask what you can do for the team.