Grupo Invesman collaborates with law professionals counselling them in research, providing the necessary information to devise the legal strategy and obtaining necessary evidence to evaluate the feasibility of initiating legal proceedings and support their demands before the Courts of Justice. Judicialization of the business activity is continuous nowadays, and in order to ensure the success of legal proceedings, Grupo Invesman provides a double service: firstly, obtaining the necessary information to allow the company and the lawyer to decide on the pertinence of a certain lawsuit, complementing it. Secondly, once the legal proceeding is chosen  Grupo Invesman provides all the information and evidence necessary to achieve the aim pursued in the legal procedure. Our company is specialized in knowing what evidence is required to prove a fact and where to find it.

  • Investigation of prosecutable offences at the request of a party.
  • Investigation of defendants.
  • Investigation of patrimonial, economic and financial level.
  • Investigation of business fields and workplace.
  • Investigation of real estate leasing.
  • Investigation of patents and trademarks.
  • Investigation of solvency, asset stripping and fraudulent bankruptcy.
  • Surveys and valuations.
  • Investigation of corporate succession and/or evidence that allow to apply “the corporate veil-piercing” doctrine.
  • Locating and evaluation of witnesses and evidence.

We help you achieve your goal.